We empower enterprises on their digital
transformation journeys.We have built a
Cloud networking ecosystem to enable
digital transformation through the


DevelentCorp Cloud.


We make Cloud networking and hybrid Cloud a reality for global
enterprises through direct Cloud connectivity.Our solutions increase
the predictability of Cloud application performance across the
network and reduces the risk of cyber-attack. We offer secure
connectivity direct from your corporate the most popular Public
Clouds like AWS, Azure,IBM Cloud, SAP and Alibaba Cloud
at a variety of locations around the world, all backed by
end-to-end performance guarantees.


Our bespoke end-to-end managed SD-WAN solutions with Network Function
Virtualization (NFV) are built on the world’s leading Hybrid WAN underlay.
We can connect all of your sites, regardless of where they are through
CLOUD WAN, while powerful multi-function devices make the best use of
Internet and MPLS connectivity, making on-demand networking a reality.