We Manage and help to scale your
infrastructure based on business
growth and requirements


What we Manage?

Managed Global VPN

Managed Global VPN is the ideal solution for the enterprise looking to take
advantages of the cost and flexibility benefits of hybrid WAN but not yet ready
for SD-WAN. Managed Global VPN provides modular hybrid Internet and MPLS
connectivity via a full range of network technologies is to meet performance
needs and budget, meaning multi-national enterprises can take maximum
advantage of key innovations in local markets but on a global scale.


Short-term or interim managed WAN connectivity that can be up
and running almost immediately offering an agile alternative to
installing permanent terrestrial connectivity for your Global
Cloud Exchange managed network Solution of DevelentCorp.


Secure WiFi-based LAN solutions, enabling enterprise users the
world over to connect wirelessly to the Global Cloud Exchange
network of DevelentCorp,even with their own device tablets,
smartphones, laptops.


App Express uses optimization, data caching and compression
to achieve LAN-like application performance over the Wide
Area Network, almost eliminating traditional constraints
of distance and network latency.


A suite of managed security services and solutions including Firewall,
Secure Web Gateway, Proxy, Vulnerability Assessment,IPS & IDS,Security
Log Retention and Monitoring and Authentication. Managed Services are
delivered by a combination of teams from GCX’s own GSOC as well as
industry-leading partners like Dell SecureWorks and Zscaler.